Top LSM Heads for 2018

Top LSM Heads of 2018

Our Top LSM Heads for 2018 breaks down exactly what you need to know to find the perfect head. Long stick midfielders have evolved. In this evolution, they need for a head that can handle throwing checks, and ripping corners. They dominate the midfield, and are pure athletes. While playing this position, you'll doing a little of everything so it's important to have equipment that can handle it. The heads on the Top LSM Heads of 2018 have everything you need to take the ball away, and then put it in the back of the net.

# 1 - STX Stallion 700

It's no surprise the STX Stallion 700 tops our charts. C-Channel technology distributes stress more evenly making it perfect for throwing hard stick checks, and picking up ground balls. Speaking of ground balls, the Stallion 700 features STX's Speed Scoop which protects the top string and reduces drag providing better overall performance when scooping the ball. The Stallion 700 is designed for a mid-high pocket which gives a quick release with maximum hold. With this head you'll take the ball away and put it in the back of the net. STX Stallion 700 Shop-Now

#2 - Under Armour Command 2

The Under Armour Command 2 is the go to all around lacrosse head. Under Armour took everything good about the original Command and made it even better. The Command 2 features Under Armour's Glide+Scoop which allow for the easiest ground balls from every angle. They improved on the stiffness of the Command, ensuring consistency when throwing or shooting after throwing some big slap checks. Designed for a mid pocket, the Under Armour Command 2 features a full offset for unmatched control and shot power. Made with all weather nylon material, this head will preform in all conditions. command 2 Shop-Now

#3 - Warrior Burn 2 Max

The Warrior Burn 2 Max is the perfect combination of offense and defense. They have optimized the Burn 2 Max for transition play with a more aggressive face shape and increased durability. Warrior put Sym-Flex technology into the scoop and bottom rail, for better hold and more accuracy on long passes. The bottom string holes of the Warrior Burn 2 Max have Tilt-Tech to increase pocket tension and add consistency. With an added screw hole and Loc-Throat technology head rattle is a thing of the past. The Warrior Burn 2 Max is designed with reinforced sidewalls and increased durability for excellent defensive performance. burn-2-max Shop-Now

#4 - ECD Rebel Defense

ECD designed the Rebel Defense for the elite player who likes to do it all. With a perfectly rounded scoop the ECD Rebel Defense can pick up ground balls any where, any time, through all types of traffic. The Rebel Defense is an animal in the transition game, with a more narrow face shape and tighter pinch it will dominate both sides of the ball with ease. Last but not least, the ECD Rebel Defense is stiff. This head will break some arms, and still be able to stay consistent. Rebel D Shop-Now

#5 - STX Hammer 500

The STX Hammer 500 is the top of the line D head. Engineered with STX's Speed Scoop, the Hammer 500 will have no problem picking up the ball fast so you can make the next play. The Hammer 500 also has a tough strike plate on the shoulders of the head designed for you to dish out more effective checks. For even more strength the STX Hammer 500 has C-Channel technology in the bottom rail. STX has also slightly pinched the Hammer 500 for better control, pass deflection, and catching ability. If you need a reliable defensive head, the STX Hammer 500 is the pick.Hammer 500 Shop-Now

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