STX Stallion 700 Lacrosse Head

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The STX Stallion 700 Lacrosse head is the latest offensive head offering from STX with all new features geared towards the elite player. The Stallion 700 head was redesigned by STX to bring new levels of performance to the already fan favorite Stallion head line. The Stallion 700 head features several key differentiating technologies such as the newly added Speed Scoop for quick and effortless ground balls by reducing drag through a rounded scoop. STX also improved on the Stallion's Iconic two-sidewall brace design by increasing stiffness by 25% while reducing the overall weight by 5%. The STX Stallion 700 also utilizes C-Channel technology to distribute stress along the sidewall for an overall increase in strength and stability through out the head. Designed for the offensive player, STX has redesigned the Stallion head from the ground up to set a new standard in elite performance. 

- New Speed Scoop technology creates effortless ground balls with less friction through a rounded scoop.

- The Stallion 700 is 25% stiffer and 5% lighter then previous stallion models.

- Iconic two-sidewall brace design paired with C-Channel helps distribute stress and increase overall strength.

- NFHS/NCAA legal 

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