Best Lacrosse Heads for Midfielders of 2018

Top 5 Middie Heads of 2018

The midfielder, a player full of speed, finesse, and are constantly on the move. They are workhorses that need a quality head that can do everything offensively and defensively. Searching for your new elite Middie head? Here is our recommended top Lacrosse Heads for Midfielders for 2018.

STX Stallion 700


The STX Stallion 700 comes fresh outta the gate ready to bring top performance to the elite two way midfielder. C-Channel Technology provides energy down the bottom rail allowing it to become more durable and add efficient support in the right areas. With this design their goal was met of producing a higher strength to weight ratio. Embodied with STX's Speed Scoop Design, it enables the Stallion 700 to be a ground ball machine with reduced drag and top string protection. An ergonomic throat design allows for better handling making your cradles stronger and allowing exceptional control . It comes with a strong sense of style having detailed accents and creative textures with reduced weight helping to keep the Stallion 700 on top of its peers. If you are looking for the ultimate package in a Lacrosse head as a midfielder the STX Stallion 700 is the real deal.


Maverik Tactik


Optimized for precision passing, Speed dodging, and inside finishers, the Maverik Tactik is a powerhouse two way head. The X-Rail technology brings a great amount of positive reinforcement and allows the head to work in such ways to benefit the player to the fullest. It administers stress to the opposing rail providing a stiff but also light weight design to enable use on both sides of the field. With a Level 3 bottom rail, the Maverik Tactik is engineered for a mid pocket providing the player with the perfect mix of accuracy and power. The new Optimal Release Point gives the player ultimate control while adding a strong amount of energy when ripping shots. The Maverik Tactik is made with Duratough Material allowing it to stay a consistent stiffness in all weather conditions.


ECD Rebel Offense

ECD Rebel Offense Lacrosse Head

All new and ready to strike, the Rebel Offense by ECD (East Coast Dyes) is hot off the press. With an astonishing face shape, the Rebel Offense is ready to provide any midfielder with ultimate accuracy and epic ball control. Light enough to feed passes and rip shots, the ECD Rebel Offense is also stiff and durable enough for slap checks and eating up ground balls all day. Featuring a complete package for the elite midfielder / attack man, the ECD Rebel Offense has it all to dominate the offensive side of the field!


Warrior Burn 2

Warrior Burn 2 Lacrosse Head

Re-designed for the offensive shooting player the Warrior Burn 2 comes packed with some heat. The Burn 2 comes with a bunch of new technology and shows Warriors intentions to keep bringing to you some of the best products out there. They added Sym-Flex design in the scoop and bottom rail which allows for maximized shot power and accuracy from far distance. The Bottom rail is durable and Universal allowing for multiple pocket placements, as well as containing the all new patent pending Tilt-Tech string hole design for consistent tension and pocket performance. Their new LOC-Throat design helps exclude head rattle with added stability.


Under Armour Command 2

Under Armour Command 2 Lacrosse Head

Used by some of the top midfielders in the game, the Under Armour Command was an obvious hit. Well Under Armour may have outdone themselves this time bringing to you the all new Under Armour Command 2. Back with a sleep look with added design and texture, the Command 2 is ready to deliver. One of the best scoops in the game, and a classic yet adored face design, the Command 2 also comes with full off set sidewalls to help with shot speed and helping to push the pocket more towards the scoop. Like a high pocket? The Under Armour Command 2 is geared towards the player who likes quick feeds and agile shots.


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