Top Defensive Heads of 2018

Top Defensive Heads of 2018

They say defense wins championships. So here is our list for the top defensive heads of 2018 so you can have the best equipment to take home the ship. Defensive heads need to be durable. With all the slap, poke, and wrap checks its safe to say your defensive head is going to take a beating. Having a head that can take a beating and allow you to move the ball up the field is incredibly important with the pace of the game today. Here is our top defensive heads of 2018.

#1 - STX Hammer 500

The STX Hammer 500 is a staple in the defensive half of the field. You will not find a better balance of durability, and functionality. Designed with a new optimal pinch, the STX Hammer 500 provides an incredible combination of catching ability, pass deflection and ball control. This makes the Hammer 500 a solid 2 way threat with an emphasis on defense. STX has given the Hammer 500 added protection with the strike plates on the shoulders. This adds even more durability to an already durable head. As with all of STX's new heads, the Hammer 500 has a speed scoop which decreases drag and allows you to scoop and go faster than you ever have. STX Hammer 500 Shop-Now

#2 - Warrior Regulator MAX

The Warrior Regulator MAX is designed for the true defensive player. Warrior reinforced the Regulator MAX in several key areas to heavily increase the heads durability. This added reinforcement in the Regulator MAX, makes the head very reliable when shooting and passing. Warrior has added a loc-throat to eliminate head rattle and add stability. With symrail technology, the Regulator MAX has reduced weight but is still strong enough to hold up while delivering a check. The Warrior Regulator MAX is the perfect head for that takeaway defender. Warrior Regulator MAX Shop-Now

#3 - ECD Rebel Defense

If you want to dominate both sides of the ball, the ECD Rebel Defense is the head for you. ECD gave the Rebel Defense a super aggressive face shape which is perfect for ripping corners and taking the ball. The Rebel Defense is the stiffest head ECD has to offer and will deliver the strongest checks in the game. ECD redesigned the scoop allowing for the easiest pick ups from any angle. Also, like every ECD product the Rebel Defense is proudly made in the USA. ECD Rebel Defense Shop-Now

#4 - Maverik Tank

The Maverik Tank is a pass blocking machine. It has a wide faced design to make pass blocking a breeze and picks up ground balls with ease. The Maverik Tank has a level 5 bottom rail which creates a high pocket for faster control off the ground ball and a quick release. The 4-strut design makes the Tank the stiffest head in Maverik's line up. Maverik has added True Form Design to the Tank, making sure that it will keep its shape through seasons of beatings. The Tank also has 2 screw holes so you know it's not going anywhere. Maverik Tank Shop-Now

#5 - Warrior Burn 2 MAX

If you're a defenseman that likes to rip corners then the Warrior Burn 2 MAX is for you. Designed with tighter face shape for optimal transition play, and maximum toughness. The Burn 2 MAX's bottom rail is designed for a mid pocket placement. This allows for added hold and control. Warrior has redesigned the scoop of the Burn 2 MAX to pick up ground balls super fast. Sym-Flex has been added to the scoop and bottom rail of the Warrior Burn 2 MAX to help maximize accuracy on long passes and shot power. With the MAX design the Burn 2 MAX is built to be a defensive power house and is the perfect head for a defensive middie. Warrior Burn 2 MAX Shop-Now

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