East Coast Dyes unleashes a LE Mirage

ECD's new LE Grey Marble Mirage

Marble grey. Coming soon. #ECDmirage #MadeInTheUSA #FeelTheDifference #Clean #Marble #Grey

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East Coast Dyes is never afraid to unleash the limited edition heat and they just did it again with their new highly limited Grey Marble Mirage Head. A new twist on arguably one of the best-selling heads that is sure to be quite the hit. Featuring a unique new marbled grey appearance, while living up to the elite performance of the Mirage no two heads will look exactly the same. The new look on the LE Grey Marble Mirage Head can be noticed easily from a distance and is even more impressive upon close inspection. This is a new look that has been teased by ECD for some time now and the fans are finally getting what they asked for. Undoubtedly this will be a very popular release and while no official details have arrived from ECD we can only wait and see what is in store. Make sure to stay tuned to @ecdlax and @universallax for updates on the unreleased LE Grey Marble Head!

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