The Next Epoch Generation

Epoch Dragonfly 8 Lacrosse Shafts. Epoch done did it again!! Epoch's latest installment of advanced lacrosse equipment comes in the form of their revamped Dragonfly series of lacrosse shafts. That's right, every shape and flex type as the gen 7, now redesigned. Epoch has quickly become the industry leader in carbon fiber shaft development; delivering the most technologically advanced sticks for peak performance at any level of play. The Dragonfly8 series all incorporate Epoch's 12k intelligent weave technology coupled with their torque box 2 tech; strategically layered strands of carbon fiber to effortlessly enhance the transfer of energy of the ball leaving your stick and snapping back into place. Essentially, strategically placed flex points for maximum torque and velocity. New to the line is Epoch's surface veil technology which brings an extra layer of protection to the exterior of the shaft for added strength and durability without adding unwanted weight. Long story short; Epoch's stock continues to rise as they continue to bring innovation and ingenuity to the forefront. You can now snag one of these awesome Dragonfly 8 handles (attack length and defensive too) over on or at your nearest Universal Lacrosse retail location!

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