ECD Grey Marble Mirage Lacrosse Head

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The ECD Grey Marble Mirage Lacrosse Head is a super limited edition must-have for any player looking for an elite one of a kind head. East Coast Dyes delivers a new unique style with the LE Grey Marble Mirage that can be noticed from afar and admired from close up. Using a unique process, each of these limited edition Grey Marble Mirage heads will have a one of a kind blend without sacrificing any performance. East Coast Dyes designed this head with an aggressive flare creating perfect pocket tension and channeling. The LE Grey Mirage offers light weight performance by stratigicly reducing material on the head while retaining overall strength. 

- Designed specifically to create the perfect pocket with superior string ability for a smooth and consistent channel. 

- The Mirage is engineered with superior strength in mind while remaining lightweight by eliminating excess material making it ideal for powerful shots and increased control. 

- Made with a high impact grade and UV resistant material specifically selected for its durable characteristics that are ideal for the sport of lacrosse. 

- The ECD Mirage is proudly manufactured in the USA.

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