Updated Classic: The Nike Lakota 2


Nike Lakota 2 Review

The Nike Lakota 2 gives a major face lift to the highly popular classic. Nike's updated Lakota 2 keeps all of the favorite features from its predecessor and delivers several great updates in performance and cosmetics. The Lakota 2 provides an easy answer for any attackman or midfielder looking for superior ball control, accuracy and durability. lakota-full The Lakota 2 utilizes the same iconic face shape and offset everyone has come to love from the original. The narrow pinch of the Lakota 2 offers some of the best ball control in the game making it an instant favorite for the offensive player. In the world of offset, not many heads have nailed it like the Lakota with its elongated offset helping keep that ball in the sweet spot. Nike has re-enforced the Lakota 2's sidewalls bringing increased durability and stiffness while keeping the same sidewall strut design. Who doesn't like some added strength and consistency? Advancing an already impressive scoop is a tall order but Nike did just that with the Lakota 2. Newly tuned with a more rounded profile, this head can suck up ground balls from any angle. It is a minor adjustment that makes a big difference with the Lakota 2 that any midfielder or attackman can immediately appreciate. Sidewalls The Lakota 2 has a ton of stringing holes and features new Lacelock technology along the sidewall holes bringing a tighter and longer lasting pocket to your game. Players using traditional pockets have always gravitated towards the Lakota for its seemingly perfect assembly of the traditional pocket. For you traditional guys, the new secure Lacelock feature keeps leathers in place and prevents them from getting loose and slipping. The Lakota 2 offers some great stringing innovation that will help keep those pockets dialed in all season long. lakota-2 Overall, the Lakota 2 head brings a lot of great improvements to an already amazing head. One of the more refreshing components of this update is its simplicity. Nike kept all the good and just slightly tweaked this head to deliver some extra performance without over doing it. Previous Lakota users will definitely feel the same commanding offensive power with the Lakota 2 and then some. For any offensive player looking for that extra edge on the attack, the Lakota 2 is a great option for you.


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