STX Unveils The New Rival Helmet

If you follow @STXMLAX on Instagram then you've probably seen what all the fuss is about. If you haven't - Then please allow us to introduce the new STX Rival Helmet soon to be hitting stores later this summer. Featuring a new polished look for the new Rival Helmet, STX aims to impress players with new cutting lines and sleek shape. Retaining some of the same similarities as the Stallion 550 Helmet, the Rival helmet will work on some more aggressive styling hoping to appeal to the masses. We think they did a pretty good job of making this helmet a huge step above any previous STX helmet and a true contender in the market place.
Trusted by some of the most dominate programs in the country, STX has worked with some of the most elite players in the country to develop the Rival Helmet. Making sure it offers not only top of the line protection, but top of the line features and style as well. One of the early features we can see on this new helmet is the custom air fit system that allows players to pump and release pressure into the helmet to ensure a snug fit.
Aside from that, we've noticed some new ventilation that can be seen from the rear top of the helmet to bring added cooling to the Rival Helmet. These new vents offer some more aggressive styling as well with sharp cutaways that are sure to look mean with any uniform. Keep an eye out for the new STX Rival this season with the nations top STX teams as they slowly trickle into circulation. Stay tuned here for more info to come on the new STX Rival Helmet!

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