Wolf Athletics Ghost Lacrosse Shaft

There is always some kind of lax equipment that comes out every year and changes the game in some way or form. Right now one of those items is the Wolf Athletics Ghost Lacrosse Shaft. This thing completely redefines what a lacrosse shaft can be. Not only is it completely clear but it also has a ridiculous amount of flex.
wolf3!! photo provided by laxallstars.com
Now I know that shafts that can flex are not that new to the game, BUT no shaft has ever been able to have as much as the Ghost. This shaft doesn’t just have a little give to it but you can really get some bend to it. You can even do it with your bare hands to see how flexible it really is. wolf2!!! A shaft this flexible brings up a question about durability. Surely something that has this much give to it will eventually snap over time. WRONG. The Wolf Athletics Ghost is made with polycarbonate materials that are also used in bullet-proof glass, riot shields, and even projects at NASA so you know these things are made to last. In addition to the materials used, the patent pending rib that extends through the center of the shaft keeps the Ghost nice and strong. Wolf copy!! This shaft can provide you with the edge you need to bring your game to the next level. The AWESOME flex of the Ghost can help you increase the speed of your shots letting you fly by any goalie. Wolf Athletics broke the mold with this shaft and we here at Universal Lacrosse are completely amazed by this awesome product!

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