STX Super Power 2?


Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.53.15 AM **UPDATE #2** STX has now released what the STX Super Power + will cost and look like. This new Limited Edition head will cost $150 and will only be around for a short time. Take a look below to see what the Super Power + will look like! spplus4! **UPDATE** STX just posted on their Instagram (@tizzlestx) that this new head is going to be hitting stores on April 15, 2015! It is going to be called the STX Super Power + and is going to be released as a LIMITED EDITION at first. THERE WILL ONLY BE 250 OF THIS LIMITED EDITION VERSION MADE! We still don't have much more info on this yet but as always #STAYTUNED and we will get you new info AS SOON AS IT IS RELEASED! Here at Universal Lacrosse, we are always on the look out for new gear and lately we’ve been seeing some images pop up for an unconfirmed STX head. From what we’ve seen this new head could be the long awaited sequel to the STX Super Power with some new adjustments. superpower2blogbanner Nothing is confirmed and STX has been pretty quite about this head but from what we see it looks like it could be the NEW Super Power 2 now has STX’s C-Channel Technology and some other new tech specs. NONE of this can be confirmed at the moment. These guys lead the charge in lacrosse heads and are always improving we are excited to see what they are going to do here. Here's some of the only pics that we've been able to hunt down on the interwebs:
photo provided by @strucdumlax photo provided by @strucdumlax
The Super Power is already one of the most popular heads out there but I think it’s about time to give this puppy an upgrade. We don’t know when this bad boy is going to be released or how much it is going to cost but we will DEFINITLEY LET YOU KNOW as soon as we do. Stay tuned to for STX Super Power + future updates! IT’S ALL U

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