Tribe7 Ghost7 Men's Lacrosse Head

Face-Offs are a HUGE part of Lacrosse. You can’t score goals if you don’t have the ball. We always see players trying to find out what heads can withstand the grueling face-off duel. Even though you can use any head you want, besides a goalie head of course, there are some heads that are better suited for the face-off. There are even heads that are designed specifically to withstand all of that abuse. For a face-off specialist, it can be hard to find what head best fits your play style and will be able to last for a long period of time so you won’t have to keep buying replacements. Well, us here at Universal Lacrosse think that we just might have found the lacrosse head that can do just that. aag7-849x289 The Tribe7 Ghost7 is a head specifically designed with the offensive player in mind. Coming in at only 94.7 grams, the Ghost7 is the lightest head available today. Being both NCAA and High School legal, this head is great for any player. The reason the Ghost7 is great for face-off is that it doesn’t loose its shape. This head can warp around the ball and literally suck it in giving you not only the advantage but the face-off win as well. I’ve seen players twist and turn this thing over on top of itself and then have it instantly pop back into near perfect shape! The Ghost7 has been dominating the college face-off game for the past couple seasons and some of the top face-off specialists have used it to their advantage.
Domination Brendan Fowler is Domination
Players like Brendan Fowler (@brabbit_3, Duke University, Charlotte Hounds) and Stephen Kelly (UNC) nearly always control the X. Fowler jumped into the spotlight during last years NCAA National Championship where he absolutely DESTROYED the opposition helping Duke claim not only victory but the Championship title as well. And what did these two beasts have in common? THEY BOTH ROCKED THE TRIBE7 GHOST7.
Clean Face-Off Wins = Fast Breaks! Clean Face-Off Wins = Fast Breaks!
This head really is great for any offensive player, but it truly shines at the face-off and at such a low price why wouldn’t you give it a shot?! Available in black and white at for only $45. Will you make the Tribe7 Ghost7 your next face-off weapon? IT’S ALL U

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