Who is Fields of Growth International?

screen-shot-2011-11-30-at-1-00-54-pmFields of Growth (FoG) is a lacrosse–based service organization that aims to harness the passion of the lacrosse community into positive social impact through global leadership development, service and growing the game. At the heart of their work is service to others in an effort to advance the common good of humanity. At the very core of the Fields of Growth mission is the desire to serve and uplift in a spirit of human solidarity. They strive to do all of their service as a Family of Friends. FoG first established a lacrosse program in Uganda and then set their eyes on Jamaica.

Through their flagship initiative, the Lacrosse Volunteer Corps (LVC), Fields of Growth seeks to expose volunteers to the beauty, challenges and opportunities in the developing world. Through experiential learning, readings, thoughtful discussions and service, the LVC helps young leaders develop an informed worldview. And since my trip, they have expanded and now provide youth clinics for various sports, Now they offer a new program called the Athlete Volunteer Corps (AVC).

Fields of Growth International, was founded by Kevin Dugan. I had the pleasure of meeting this man on my trip to Kingston, Jamaica back in summer of 2013.img_0278 The trip changed my life for the better. Sure people say that a lot, and most might not necessarily genuinely mean it. But rest assured I do. Going down there and seeing some of the things you see really humbles you. It made me realize how much I took for granted even if I didn't realize it. Like the luxury to go to my kitchen sink if I get thirsty and ran out of water bottles...

But as for the lacrosse aspect. Teaching and coaching at lacrosse clinics every day for a week in the real Jamaica (not those papered touristy locations). To this day, that week was the highlight of my life. People down there were so appreciative of what we were trying to do, but they don't eveimg_0275n know how appreciative we the volunteers were for them. I actually met some of my best friends down there and before the 1-week trip I had no idea who they were! And how about this Cal (our awesome kick ass bus driver/tour guide) is now the president of the Jamaica Lacrosse Association! Cal never played a day in his life until FoG came into town. He embraced the mission and instilled a little Jamaican positivity and now the organization is reaching for the stars under his guidance. I could be more excited for him and everything he's doing.


Why is all this important? BECAUSE INTERNATIONAL GROWTH. Personally, I'm tired of seeing ping-pong and rifle shooting in the Olympics with lacrosse no where to be found. The Federation of International Lacrosse is on the right path to get the International Olympic Committee to recognize lax as an Olympic caliber sport. And the more international teams the better the probability! FoG was responsible for bringing Uganda to the FIL Championships in the summer of 2014... I'm thinking Jamaica vs Uganda 2018 in Manchester, England.

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