STX's newest Surgeon 500 Arm Guards & Shoulder pads

stx-surgeon-glovesEarly this past summer, STX Lacrosse revealed their Surgeon 500 lacrosse gloves. The gloves offer a one-piece comfort pad with a seamless inner palm for smoother hand control. These gloves also offer extra protection on the thumbs with carbon-fiber reinforced thumb blocks. surgeon-500-shoulders surgeon-500-arm-guard STX recently added more members to the Surgeon 500 family. The Surgeon 500 shoulder pads offer "floating chest and spine plates" for maximum protection without sacrificing mobility. Joining the shoulder pads are the new Surgeon 500 arm guards. These pads implement new cascading protection system to minimize arm exposure to potential checks. The arm guards also have a forearm strike plate for added protection for the wrist. The entire Surgeon 500 product line (including their lacrosse head) is now available! Stop in and check out STX Lacrosse's newest additions at one of your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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