Nike's Newest Turf Shoe

f2Earlier this month Nike dropped the new Vapor Speed Turf Shoe. At first glance I was like, what are those? (please don't say it like that...) I saw those bright yellow things on the bottom shoe and I was torn between being confused yet still intrigued. Now, I have always been a detachable cleat kind of guy, but these immediately grabbed my attention. After a little research and holding a pair in my hands, I can confidently say, these things are legit. the yellow 'things' on the bottom of the shoe are strategically designed for added traction on a turf surface. Nike's Lunarlon midsole also provides premium cushioning for reduced impact on joints and and more responsive lateral movements. On top of the new innovative technologies put into these cleats, the vapor speed turf shoe just looks like a fresh classic Nike shoe. Nike continues to lead the way for new and exciting sporting goods products, and I for one am ecstatic that they are now starting to dabble in lacrosse products and this might be whats best for our sport... Nike's Vapor Speed Turf Shoes are now available in one of your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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