Warrior Warp S: Semi-Soft Edition

Coming soon to Universal Lacrosse is the Warrior Warp S, the second evolution of the Warrior Warp. It is a ahead of its time through detailed development and technology that has never been seen before in the lacrosse world. With Warrior recently coming out with the Warrior Evo Warp X head, which was only available in select retail stores in late February was a pretty successful semi-hard version. With it ranging from a low and mid pocket, Universal Lacrosse will be able to sell in-stores and online, unlike other stores soon. What is unlike other heads compared to the Warrior EVO Warp is that both versions have a built-in pocket, that is constructed with thousands of meticulously designed knitted rows. This means stringing sticks are a thing of the past now. That's right, machines are now doing our dirty work without needing shooters or sidewall, since they are atomically built in the mesh and head. Warrior is pushing the envelope with every other company trailing behind, creating a one-of-a-kind head that will leave other companies to try and make this same kind of theory, better. IMG_4487 This new technology is a breakthrough in the lacrosse world meaning that players do not need to find a stringer to rely on fixing their stick or even theirselves. This also means no more have to adjust your strings before the game or on the sidelines because guess what... THERE ARE NO MORE STRINGS. A break-in period is also a thing of the past with the Warp S, and you don't even need a back-up stick anymore! WARP-WATER-STILL

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