String Jobs of the Summer

There are an unlimited amount of color combos you can string up in your stick, but there are a few go to's that always stand out. I know a lot of people like the classic clean looking all white stick, and some people like a little hint of color in their sidewalls and shooters. Then, there are people like me who like stringing up the craziest color combinations known to man. I feel like if your stick doesn't stand out, you won stand out. When I tell people that they always come back with "If you play well enough that will make you stand out." To which I reply with "well yes, but imagine if ur stick was the reason you got looked at and your play still backs it up?" So because I am so into bright sticks and being flashy, I thought why not show you guys what crazy colors at least look good my opinion. IMG_4417 When I was first starting with stringing I came across a ECD video with a Carolina blue head and neon yellow sidewalls. That instantly became on of my favorite color-ways on a head. Its the classic San Diego Chargers color-way. This color-way is bright for the summer and will guarantee that your stick gets looked at. IMG_1840Another funky color-way is the watermelon look. In order to rock this stick you need to be able to back it up with some serious skill. There's nothing worse than the kid who has the brightest stick on the field but can't even catch a pass. IMG_4160Striker Mesh is becoming a huge thing in lacrosse mesh. It adds a nice subtle touch to your stick without making it super flashy. You can either dress it down with white sidewalls and shooters and have the strikers be you accent or dress it up with some sidewalls the same as the striker or that match as well as the same for the shooters.

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