5 Tips to Stand Out to Recruiters

When a recruiter from a college is at your game, there should be only one thing on your mind - I need to get his attention in a good way. Who wouldn't want to continue playing lacrosse in college??? The way to get his attention and make him want you on their team is simple, just follow our 5 steps: 1.) Use Your Head - think about it... you're definitely going to get more attention towards you if you're wearing a flashy, chrome Cascade R helmet then if you were running around reppin your old middle school CLH2 helmet. 2.) Make sure your Shoe Game is Fire - everyone loves gold, so why not wear the Nike Huarache cleats with the gold plating? You'll definitely stand out with a pair of Huaraches or Under Armour Highlights, you'll also be leaving kids behind you with broken ankles. 3.) Keep with the Trend - unless it is sentimental value to you, there's no need to be carrying around your Gait Oracle with all these new, great heads like the Nike Lakota or Maverik Optik. Not only are these newer heads better and more improved, they look a lot fresher. 4.) Always Hustle - this shouldn't just apply when a coach is watching your game, it should happen all the time. But when a coach you want to play for is looking at you, you want to make sure you are hustling and sprinting all the time, play at 110%. Getting that extra ground ball or sprinting back to prevent a face break can go a long way. 5.) Be a Team Player - very few coaches will want a player who just takes it themselves every time and doesn't pass. They're going to want those players who blow past their defender, draw the slide and dish it to the wide open attackman on the crease. Overall, what I'm basically saying is you have to stand out. Make yourself noticeable with your gear and hustling on the field. Also, be a team player on and off the field, if you can connect with your teammates off the field, you'll have that connections with them on the field and it will definitely pay off for your team. Reaching out and getting coaches to your game is the hard part, make their trip over worth it and make them want you... Good luck!

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