Warp Forward with Warrior Lacrosse

warp-protoOver the Weekend Warrior Lacrosse announced that new concept Warp lacrosse heads were in the works, via social media. Prototypes were made and are in the process of being shipped out to Warrior sponsored pros. Now, if you're like me, you might have been a little skeptical when the original Warrior Warp was released. Change can be scary, but this right here is anything but! From what I can tell it looks like those are a few Evo Warps in the back of the box and what looks to be a couple Warrior Nemesis closer in the box, both strung up with the warp "mesh". The Evos look to be sporting a new type of warp "mesh"; the diamonds down the center channel of the head seem to be much larger than the original. As far as a goalie head, this I am a bit skeptical about. I like the concept and inclusion of the goalies, but to me I think that the sidewall strings on "normal" heads provide a little bit of give when stopping fireballs from going top cheddar where mama hides the thin mints. Kind of like the suspension of a car. Once the Warrior Lacrosse pros get their hands on these prototypes and give their own reviews I guess we all will just have to wait and see how these new Warrior Warp heads will actually turn out to be.

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