Mark 2V from StringKing

It has been weeks since StringKing first teased the release of the Mark 2 lacrosse heads. The time has finally arrived, it is now available to purchase, well kinda... The Mark 2 will be available in three different variations (Mark 2V, Mark 2D, and Mark 2A). However, the Mark2 V is the only one currently available as of now. It is an updated, "smarter, sleeker, sexier, better" version of StringKing's original Mark 1 Lacrosse head. The Mark 2 was engineered by stick stringers for stick stringers and contains 29 stringing holes along the sidewalls for optimal pocket customization. Smooth curves, and an aggressive scoop design make it a ground ball vacuum. The classic face shape of the head offers added feel and control, while offering a great strength to weight ratio. StringKing continues to innovate and their newest line of lacrosse heads look nothing short of amazing. The new Mark 2V is now available, and check back in the near future at one of your local Universal Lacrosse locations or shop online at Universal Lacrosse for the Mark 2A and Mark2D.

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