US Lacrosse's Laxcon 2016 Recap

Another US Lacrosse Laxcon in the books for us at Universal Lacrosse and this year’s convention was on point. Even with a crazy blizzard that turned the streets of Baltimore into a crazy mess, Laxcon was still up and running. We took the opportunity to make the best of it and get some close up looks at some of the newest products coming into the market. Now there’s a ton of stuff to see at Laxcon so this will just be a quick look at we were most excited to see but if you want to see more be sure to check out our Laxcon recap video here. So for starters when you walk into the convention STX has an awesome set up right on the way to the live demo area, had to stop by. Tons of cool new college team gear for this year including custom Surgeon gloves and Stallion helmets. Also, it turns out they brought in the stringers union and were offering free stringing for their new mesh line (Dry Mesh, Dry Mesh Lite, and Knot Mesh). Not to our surprise but, pretty much everyone was digging the new mesh styles and especially the Knot mesh. Also to be seen were the new limited edition heads that were selling like hot cakes. We’ve already done a more in depth blog about these new mesh pieces and heads, which you can check out here for more details. Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.58.55 PM For sure one of the more obvious stops on our tour of Laxcon was East Coast Dyes to check out their newest head, the Mirage. We had a chance to talk with Greg about the design process and all the new technology used to craft this gem. Truly impressive to hear the detail that went into this design that we look forward to testing out in the near future but for now Greg can fill you in a bit: Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.02.18 PM Also be ready to check out their ground breaking new mint lacrosse balls, these balls are going to change the game forever. They will last way longer (no more greasers) and help keep the game much safer by consistently holding regulation specs. Meaning they won't become harder over time which is a current issue for lacrosse balls on the market today. Always impressed by how these guys continue to push every element of the game with new products, great to see. Stringking brought out their newest gear for Laxcon this year including the Mark 1, Type 3s mesh, Type 3x mesh, and A7150 shaft. Well start off with the new Mark 1 head, a versatile head with some cool technology featuring ultra stiff construction, aggressive scoop, pocket driven design, with a functional shape. More to come on this after some testing. The new Type 3x and Type 3s did nothing but exceed our expectations with some noticeable upgrades in the material and feel of the mesh, both winners. Last but not least the new A7150 shaft sitting at 140 grams making it one of the contenders for lightest shaft on the market. The shaft feels great in your hands, very solid and just overall very clean cant wait to use it some more. The list goes on and on for awesome products we saw this weekend but these are some of the newest ones were most excited about. It’s amazing to see how the game adapts every year to new technology and Laxcon 2016 was no exception. We also got to hang out with some of our all time favorites in the lacrosse world for the weekend, which was AWESOME! Already pumped to see what Laxcon 2017 has in store for us!

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