New East Coast Dyes Semi-Hard HeroMesh

Universal-Lacrosse-Banner-Mockup Ever since the first release of the ECM Wax Mesh, East Coast Dyes has been paving the way for lacrosse mesh engineering. Last Summer when ECD first released their Semi-Soft HeroMesh at the Final Four in Baltimore, Maryland, everyone went nuts. This was their first piece of non-wax mesh that really blew everyone away. The one and only down side to the Semi-Soft HeroMesh was that it was in fact only available in the Semi-Soft version, but that is no longer the case. East Coast Dyes has just released the new ECD Semi-Hard HeroMesh. Much like the original HeroMesh, the Semi-Hard version is made using LTH Fibers TM and HyperWeave TM technologies. The combination of these two types of tech make this mesh extremely lightweight while staying suitable for play in all weather conditions! Semi-Hard-Box East Coast Dyes Semi-Hard HeroMesh was made to give all players a type of mesh that can provide a great, easy to string pocket with a great level of feel and control. Each diamond in this mesh is perfectly shaped and has extra texture to help grip the ball so your passes and shots will always stay accurate. SEMI HAR HERO 3-01 If you are a player that likes a stiffer piece of mesh but doesn't want to spend hours on end breaking your pocket in, than ECD Semi-Hard HeroMesh is perfect for you. Even though it is a harder type of mesh, the break-in time is extremely short! Once you get your perfect pocket in your head it will only take minutes for this mesh to be game ready. All it takes is a couple reps on a wall to give this mesh what it needs to let you rip corners. We are always excited to see what the guys over at East Coast Dyes come up with next, and with the release of the ECD Semi-Hard HeroMesh we definitely are not disappointed! IT'S ALL U

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