US Lacrosse Aims To Protect Against Commotio Cordis

To start - What is Commotio Cordis you may ask? While this phenomenon may not be recognized its name and is extremely rare, it is still a condition that should be on radar. Recognized as the second most commonly caused death in athletes, Commotio Cordis is when your heart's rhythm gets disturbed due to a hit or blow to the chest directly over the heart. This causes the heart to go into Ventricular Fibrillation almost immediately upon impact and resulting in cardiac arrest. Several factors make up to this occurrence such as the timing of the impact, the location of the impact, and the amount of impact to the region. When an athlete suffers from Commotio Cordis they will collapse and nearby onlookers should take action instantly. They must check pulse, perform CPR if necessary, and notify 911 immediately . Each minute of delay in help reduces the victims chances by 10% according to the American Heart Association. We at Universal Lacrosse support reducing the chances of this happening to athletes and strive for the supplying the ultimate protection against Commotio Cordis and other heart and chest complications. It is important they are protected to the maximum level in delicate areas, keeping them safe and on the field, rink, or gym.

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