First PLL Lacrosse Weekend

Image result for pll logo This past weekend was great for the sport of Lacrosse. Those who tuned into NBC sports were witnesses to the much anticipated opening weekend of the PLL. In many ways this weekend was historic and will be talked about for years to come. This was the first time ever for professional lacrosse to be on a major TV network. Many were impressed by NBC’s coverage of the games as they did a great job of capturing great viewing angles and sounds from the field. In addition, the venue for the game, Gillette Stadium, was a great place to host the first ever PLL game as it provided fans with a great viewing atmosphere. On top of this, two of the three games that took place were overtime thrillers that had fans on the edge of their seats the whole game. The first game between the Archers and Chrome saw its first goal come in only 11 seconds when Stephan Kelly won the opening face off and came down field for a bounce shot. The game went back and forth, the Archers secured an early lead, but by the second half Chrome was able to rally a stunning comeback. The game finished 13-12 Archers in overtime when Dan Eipp was able to draw a slide upfield and assist Will Manny who followed his defenders slide and capped off the game with a quickly released shot to the top left. Manny then celebrated by pretending to draw an arrow and shoot it. The second game was no let down either. It was another roller coaster ride for fans of both teams. We were left in awe when Ben Reeves left his defender in the dust at X then broke his own lacrosse shaft with the torque generated from his shot that lead to a goal. The game ultimately came down to another draw and dump play when Matt Rambo drew the slide and fed the ball to Drew Snider for a righty step down. On Sunday, the Atlas vs Redwoods faced off against one another in a highly anticipated matchup including Paul Rabil's debut in his own league. This game was extremely physical and highlighted the level of competition that we were seeing. We even witnessed scuffles breakout between players in the middle of the game. The game ended 11-9 Atlas as they were able to hold off the relentless Redwoods offense led by Kyle Harrison and company. To check out the box scores, news stories, and highlights go here to see more content. For fans who haven't watched PLL and are interested to learn more about the rules and differences in the new lacrosse league. Let us know what you think of some of the new rules and your thoughts on the past weekend's games.

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