Face Off & Stay On - The ECD Weapon X Head

In the world of lacrosse there has always been the term Face Off & Get Off or more simply "FOGO" - Used to describe the elite midfielders who battle it out at the X during face-offs to win possession for their team. This highly skilled craft has developed into a sub-culture of the lacrosse community over the years and with it a common misunderstanding from the outside world. To say these players can only "Face Off & Get Off" would be a huge mistake - These elite athletes are much more then "FOGO's". But maybe there is another limiting factor forcing these players to return to the sideline after dominating a punishing face off. As this niche skill set has developed over the years so has the product offering with face off specific heads - While there are several great options currently available, players have struggled to find a head with the perfect flex for face offs and the durability to stay on the field. Many face off heads are replaced several times a season because of the extreme warping that comes from facing off. Along with warping - Most face off heads are specifically designed for facing off and lack many of the performance features found in standard midfield heads.

In fact - See what Greg "Beast" Gurenlian (World Champion, 6x All Pro, 5x All-Star, 3x FO Man of the year, 2015 MLL League MVP & leader of the FOArmy) looks for in his dream face off head.

With that in mind the Boys at East Coast Dyes got to work - Enter the ECD Weapon X Lacrosse Head, set to arrive 3/18. The highly anticipated face off & stay on offering from East Coast Dyes designed with Greg "Beast" Gurenlian & elite face off athletes across the country for much more then facing off. So yeah, you can say its pretty well vetted and the hype is most definitely real.

Fast forward to today and see exactly what Greg Beast and the ECD Crew cooked up.

So at first glance it seems ECD was able to deliver the ultimate face off & stay on head to meet Greg Beast's specs. The Weapon X uses a variety of powerful technology including its asymmetrical shape, shortened throat, precise Flex Points, Full Offset, Perfect Scoop and new Flex Form Technology. All these features combined equate to one dominating head for the elite face off athletes to do much more on the field then just face off. Long story short - If you looking for a new face off head that can do much more then just face off then be sure to pick up an ECD Weapon X head on 3/21!

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