Under Armour Command X Head Review

COMMAND-X-V3 Under Armour has released its newest head designed specifically for the face off, The Command X. The Command X utilizes some of the most innovative face-off technology the lacrosse industry has seen to date and is the brain child of living legend Paul Gait. Back in the days of GAIT Lacrosse before Paul Gait joined the Under Armour family, Gait was at the helm pushing some crazy innovation in lacrosse gear with a fair share of hits. The Command X is 100% a hit and probably the best from Paul Gait to date. Starting from the ground up the Command X was designed to solely win face-offs, not look the best, not shoot from the outside and not run through an entire defense - Just win face-offs. It does just that with several key performance features to bring a huge advantage to your game. Featuring an asymmetrical design, flared sidewalls, Glide Scoop technology and a shortened throat with 4 point screw attachment system the Command X is simply loaded with faceoff performance. command-x-comparrison An asymmetrical head design has not been pulled off successfully in lacrosse until the Under Armour designed the Command X. Asymmetrical for a lacrosse means both sidewalls are not identical and have different designs which is definitely a brush against the norm. The Command X pulls it off flawlessly with a dual performance profile engineered through a ridged top sidewall and flexible bottom sidewall. The ridged top rail uses a beefier design and added sidewall struts for added strength to help out muscle opponents and help retain face shape. The bottom rail is thinner and more flexible allowing for finesse based moved keeping your play book at the X wide open. The asymmetrical profile of the Command X allows you to get the best of both worlds with a stiff durable top rail for the 50/50 battles and a thin flexible bottom rail to out skill opponents. flares Lacrosse has seen sidewall flares since the beginning of plastic molded heads but not like the Command X. Under Armour designed this head to literally dive under an opponent's head with a claw-like downward flare on both sidewalls. The top rail uses an aggressive downward flare paired with its beefier design to dig under an opponents head and secure the ball. Paired with a smaller thinner downward flare on the bottom sidewall, the Command X hugs the field and glides under the ball for easier ball security during faceoffs. Command-Scoop Under Armour's Glide Scoop technology has been a huge favorite of the lacrosse community for its ability to attack ground balls at any angle. The Command X utilizes this Glide Scoop technology to offer easy ground balls during faceoffs to help win those possessions. The Glide Scoop is also remarkably stiff for running through ground balls as well which is hugely lacking in most face off heads giving the Command X one more advantage. IMG_4004 The shortened throat on the Command X also allows players to get their hand as close to the ball as possible during faceoffs. This is a huge advantage that any faceoff midfielder will immediately recognize. You see will this design on a lot of face-off oriented heads now with the STX Duel originally leading the charge. The control you have with this little change up makes a huge difference. Also new to the lacrosse world is the 4-point handle locking system on the shortened throat of the Command X. This new system secures and locks the head onto the shaft without any rattle. There are 4 screw holes, 1 on each of the four throat sides to create a secure fit of the head onto the shaft. IMG_4039 Overall - The Command X is an absolute machine at the face-off X. It would be hard to find a head to compete with the level of innovation the Command X brings to the face-off community. Under Armour and Paul Gait delivered the ultimate tool kit with the Command X by pushing some impressive innovation that is flat out effective. If you are a face off midfielder in the market for a new head this season and are tired of the standard face off head; TheUnder Armour Command X will offer you a new world of performance. Shop-Now

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