Universal Lacrosse Top 5: Gloves

Since the 2015 season is on our snow-covered doorsteps, us here at Universal Lacrosse thought that it be a good idea to share our list of what we think the best pieces of available equipment are. Lets kick things off with everyone’s favorite type of padding. Gloves. This year there have been A LOT of new releases of gloves from almost every major equipment manufacturer and all of them are amazing! Here is our list of the top 5 gloves that are currently available.
Number 5 Number 5
5. Nike Vapor Elite 2: First on our list is the Vapor Elite 2. This glove is Nike’s latest and greatest in hand protection. Designed for the advanced player these sick gloves have great flexibility and ventilation.
Number 4 Number 4
4. Maverik M3: The M3 line is some of Maverik’s best work yet. The M3 gloves in particular are really impressive. Having an incredibly soft palm these gloves give you a nice natural feel on you stick. One of the most comfortable gloves that we have tried on, the M3’s won’t disappoint.
Number 3 Number 3
3. STX Cell 3: STX’s latest installment in the Cell series, the Cell 3s are just simply awesome. With Dual-density Foam paced throughout the glove the protection is basically through the roof. Still very comfortable and flexible your hands will be in perfect shape with these bad boys.
Number 2 Number 2
2. Brine King V: Brine’s King V glove is easily one of my personal favorites. The focus with this glove was placed on the protection on the back of the hand., where it takes the most abuse. Brine’s Patent Pending Arch-Tech Backhand provides incredibly ventilation and protection at the same time.
Number 1 Number 1
1. Warrior Evo: Lately the Warrior Evo has been seen all over the place. From top D1 teams to the cleaver Warrior commercials almost everyone has heard of this glove. A lot of people seem to be turned away by it’s higher price tag, which is understandable, but we still think that this glove is worth every cent. I have never put a piece of equipment on and liked it as much as this. The comfort level of the Evo glove is absolutely ridiculous. The best way to describe it with out actually having you try it on is to say that they feel like clouds floating around your hands. The level of protection that these gloves give you is unheard of. Never before have I had a pair of gloves that was so comfortable and so protective. Even though the push breaking the bank with the price, the Warrior Evo glove definitely broke the mold. Stay tuned for more of Universal Lacrosse’s Top 5 Lax Gear Lists! IT’S ALL U

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