The Gait Ice Box

Gait_670 One of the fastest growing aspects of lacrosse is the indoor version, Box Lacrosse. Every year we see that Box Lax has more and more people intrigued. Whether its more people are watching games from home, live at the arena, or even playing themselves Box is getting more popular by the minute. img_aboutus1_popup Box is a completely different kind of Lacrosse and it requires its own type of gear. The main thing that is different is the helmet that the players wear. They are basically hockey helmets with a box lacrosse facemask. The pads and sticks that the players use are generally the same as a field player but just a little beefier. When things like crosschecking are allowed then you’re going to want your gear to be able to withstand a beating. watch_nll_med_medium One draw back to stronger equipment is that it can get heavy pretty fast especially in the stick department. Fortunately enough Gait Lacrosse has found the perfect balance to this problem. The took the technology they used in developing the ULTRA LIGHT Gait Ice and added some extra durability to create the New Gait Ice Box. GAIT15ICEOCTB-main!! This shaft is perfect for box because it is nice and strong but still incredibly lightweight. Now, it is a little heavier than the original Gait Ice but that is only because of the added materials used to make it way stronger. The Gait Ice Box is still one of the lightest shafts we at Universal Lacrosse have ever seen. Gait IceBoxShaft This is the perfect resolution to the heavy shaft problem. Gait found the perfect balance for a light shaft that is still strong enough to withstand the Box Lacrosse abuse, and we LOVE the results. IT’S ALL U

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