Lacrosse Cleats

Maryland vs. Syracuse 05220611 One of the things that every lacrosse player has in common is that they all need a good pair of cleats. Every position can use the benefits that they provide. Lacrosse is a sport that requires the play to make quick cuts and have good traction and these are just some things that a pair of sneakers can’t help you with. Every time I see someone, normally a younger player, playing in a pair of running shoes my soul hurts. Sneakers are just not meant to be used in a game or practice when your need to go 100%. You need a nice pair of spikes to really dig into the field so you can perform at your best. Here at Universal Lacrosse, we have some of the BEST choices in lacrosse footwear and I want to point out some of the key components that they have. First let’s talk about Nike.
An Instant Classic An Instant Classic
The Nike Huarache 4 has been a huge favorite of a lot of players for the past couple years. These bad boys are extremely comfortable and perform very well. The Huarache 4 has a lightweight leather upper section that gives you great stability when you are making hard and fast cuts or dodges. Nike Flywire technology locks the cleats to you feet so that they can stay put no matter what. The spikes on the bottom plate dig into the turf perfect to help you stay up and moving. Now its Under Armour time.
High and Tight High and Tight
The UA Highlight MC Cleat is one of Under Armour’s most popular cleats. The UA ClutchFit™ tech system paces material snug to your ankle and about half way up your shin. This really helps give you stability to your ankle for a more secure fit. Having a very comfortable fit, the Highlights feel more like a second skin.
Comes With Matching Socks! Comes With Matching Socks!
New to the UA game, the Under Armour Banshee Mid Mc Lacrosse Cleat combines a low top cleats with a high top. The upper material fits slightly above your ankle giving you the extra support and protection with out having a cleat go half way up your leg. Both the Highlight and the Banshee provide great traction and are some of the coolest cleats I’ve ever seen. No matter what brand you go with you still need to be laced up with some nice spikes. Check out these product pages to learn more about these awesome cleats! IT’S ALL U

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