Universal Customs @ 99 - STX Edition

The Universal Customs @ 99 - STX Edition is here and if you liked the first one, get ready for another insane deal. For those of you that don't know what Universal Customs @99 is, its very simple. We pair up some insane complete sticks with our favorite heads and shafts for just $99. We sell them until they sell out and then we make a new one. like I said very simple. ulc_customs2 The original Universal Customs @ 99 was an awesome deal that let you pair the famous GAIT ice shaft with 3 head options and a free hero mesh pocket. We didn't really know how to top that because of how insanely popular it was. But, I think we figured out something you guys will like. For the newest Universal Customs @ 99 we are giving you a STX complete with a Surgeon SC-TI attack shaft in 5 colors options paired with either a STX Stallion U-550 or STX Super Power Plus for only $99. If you want me to break it down for you numbers wise... both those heads already cost $99 and your getting a SC-TI for FREE. It's insane, we know. We are just trying to give the people what they want.  Universal Customs at 99 - STX Edition The Surgeon SC-TI is an amazing shaft. One of the most impressive shafts in terms of strength to weight ratio. These shafts are almost impossible to nick, dent or bend. They last for ever and are the perfect weight for a mid fielder or attack man. SC-TI-01 The head options are pretty ridiculous as well. The STX Stallion U 550 and STX Super Power Plus are both top of the line heads out of STX's 2016 line up that are wildly popular. They are both built for performance and live up the the quality you would expect out of STX. Another amazing deal out of Universal Customs @ 99 that you don't want to miss!

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