Refs go on Strike?

In an interesting turn of events it looks like there will be no college lacrosse this weekend... Pretty crazy stuff. In a bazaar turn of events it looks like the game officials wont be taking the field this weekend as they have gone on strike. AP FINAL-01 From what little detail we have on the situation now there are rumors of a policy change that would change the traditional black and white ref uniform. Instead we are hearing that the ref uniform will change to a yellow and black pattern. Some feel can be easily confused with certain team colors. Possibly making it more difficult to identity refs in the field posing a serious safety hazard. crazyref 2 Maybe its just the refs keeping the white and black stripes close to heart. After being attached to them for so long maybe the zebra crews are just scared of the bumble bee transformation. Or maybe like many of you have guessed now.. APRIL FOOLS.

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