New Maverik Hyperlite Lacrosse Shaft

Limited edition releases are always something that gets us excited, especially when it from one of our favorite companies. Maverik Lacrosse just announced a very limited edition new lacrosse shaft, the Maverik Hyperlite. The New Maverik Hyperlite is a Carbon Fiber lacrosse shaft that is ridiculously light weight. When I say ridiculously light weight, I mean RIDICULOUSLY LIGHT WEIGHT. The Hyperlite weighs in at only 5.0 oz making it one of the lightest pieces of lacrosse equipment I've ever put my hands on. Comparable to the Gait Ice and Project G in weight, this shaft we'll literally feel like a feather in your hands. Being made of Carbon Fiber materials, the Maverik Hyperlite carries some serious strength. These materials allow the shaft to take some beatings without any real damage. Unlike a regular metal shaft, the Hyperlight won't dent or break easily. The Carbon Fiber structure of the Hyperlite also adds some flex to the shaft much like the Epoch Dragonflies and ECD Carbon shafts. Maverik Lacrosse put in some additional stiffness to this shaft to help maintain a consistent release as well as added power to your shots and crispy passes. One of my favorite parts about all of the new Maverik Lacrosse shafts is the new Adjustable Butt End (ABE) system. The ABE allows the player to pick and choose where the would like their hands to rest on the end of the shaft. Using the ring as a hand stopper, you also get the added advantage of having something to pull against when you are shooting some serious heat. The Mavrik Hyperlite Lacrosse Shaft also comes in two different types of finish, Matte and the GritGrip finish. The Matte finish is a lot like most shafts now, something like a mild sand-blast texture instead of a glossy feel. The GritGrip has a more prominent texture so your hands will stay locked in during all weather conditions. Like I mentioned before, the Maverik Hyperlite Lacrosse Shaft is a very limited edition release that won't be around for a long time. The Hyperlite is dropping April 15th so be sure to check back with Universal Lacrosse to get yours first!

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