Top Lacrosse Gloves of 2017

Best lacrosse gloves for 2018

Year in and year out, manufacturers like Maverik, STX, and Epoch continue to design and incorporate new innovative technologies and of their lacrosse gloves in order to provide players with every level maximum comfort, mobility, and most importantly protection. This year alone, there have been numerous new releases to join the tried and true best sellers. So without any further ado, here is our quick list of the best lacrosse gloves for 2017 (in alphabetical order).
  1. Epoch Integra GlovesEPOCH Integra Lacrosse Glove Epoch is still a relatively new lacrosse company in the grand scheme of things, but they have quickly become one of the leading innovators and manufacturers of lacrosse products. Epoch really made a splash with the release of their Integra protection line. The Integra gloves are truly ahead of their time! Epoch introduced the world to their Phase Change, heat and moisture, control technology to help keep the player's hands fresh in any climate. The tri-layer duel density foam padding coupled with Epoch's signature carbon fiber tech has been integrated in strategic areas of the glove to provide maximum coverage while also providing unrestricted movement.
2. Maverik MAX Gloves The Maverik Max gloves have been designed to have unparalleled performance and protection for the experienced player. Maverik's use of their Shark Gel inserts along the thumb add increased protection to a pivotal area of the hand. The synthetic suede palm in addition to the dura stretch panels across the knuckles give the Max gloves that already broken in feel and stick control. Maverik's FlowCool Venting System increases airflow throughout the glove to keep the player's hands cool and comfortable. Shop-Now
3. STX Surgeon 700 STX's newest addition to their protective padding lines was the Stallion 500 lacrosse glove. They showcase a new PowerFit Profile which provides maximum wrist mobility for quick hands. STX also targeted the player's thumb for improved protection and implemented the combination of their new HEXPro technology and ISO thumb for flexible protection. Another subtle, and overlooked, feature of the Stallion 500 gloves is the GuardLock, a strap located on the wrist cuff to secure mouth pieces while they are not being used. Shop-Now
4. True Frequency Gloves True Frequency Lacrosse Glove True is another new comer to the game so to say. Beginning as a predominantly golf and hockey company, True Temper made the jump over to lacrosse in 2016. But don't be fooled, the years of experience and expertise in other sports have quickly propelled True towards the top of the lacrosse world! The low profile design and 4-piece cuff system of their glove offer mobility with advanced wrist protection. The True Frequency lacrosse glove is a piece of the first (of presumably many) lines of protective equipment from the company. These gloves utilize a duel density foam in an anatomically designed pad layout for a flexible energy dispersing protection. And a feature all lacrosse moms can love, the TRUE interior glove liner is treated with an antimicrobial treatment to reduce the growth of odor causing bacteria. Shop-Now 5. Warrior Evo Pro Gloves One of the OG's of the lacrosse world, Warrior Lacrosse, continues to pump out new and innovative technologies and products. Their Evo Pro gloves are just another example of what they can do. Warrior's unique BOA system allows a quick, customizable, and secure fit while minimizing pressure points which could potentially cut off circulation. The D30 Aero foam is a revolutionary light weight foam technology which absorbs impact in key areas of the Evo Pro gloves for max protection and comfort. Shop-Now
Whether you are a new player or a grizzled vet, the lacrosse gloves listed above are just a few of our favorites for 2017. Every year, player safety becomes more and more important, and we are happy to see the evolution of lacrosse equipment happen right before our eyes with constant innovation. All above options are available online at Universal Lacrosse or stop in at your local Universal Lacrosse location.

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