Two More East Coast Dyes Releases To Look Out For

As everyone should know by now East Coast Dyes released their new HeroColors addition to their Hero Mesh and Hero Strings family. Some super crazy colors that look amazing strung up and perform even better. There was a lot of hype for this release and East Coast Dyes was adding gasoline to the fire the entire time. They had a huge push on Snapchat and Instagram for the new HeroColors release. However, the most impressive marketing bit from ECD came in a Youtube Video that is just too awesome to describe so heres the link. Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 4.54.59 PM Now if you thought that was impressive then you might be in for an even bigger surprise come a few short months. If you all remember from LaxCon ECD reviled two new products; their first lacrosse head called the Mirage and their new performance Mint lacrosse balls. IMG_0124 You probably forgot about these like we did for a second in the midst of all the HeroColors fever. With such an impressive release and successful launch of Hero Colors we can only prepare for what East Coast Dyes has in store for us come the release of these two game changing products.

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