Getting Back Into The Game

So I have had a "leave of absence" from actually playing lacrosse for a little under four years now (college) and have decided it is time to strap up again. It'll be interesting to see if I can last a for more than a quarter with how long Its been since my last time running up and down the field but that is for another time. All in all, just really excited to be playing a little pick up again but Ive been away for so long now I need some gear upgrades. Ive always been the close defenseman guarding the crease, quick to lay a heavy check on any attack man coming for the goal. With that being said I've gone through my fair share of heads and have battle tested the best of them available for my time. broken_lacrosse_stick-e1354458164266-810x769

(not mine... Just an example)

Ive tried practically every brand that offers a defensive head and Ive always been drawn to STX. Ill put it to you this way... My freshman year STX made one of best defensive heads you could get and it was the Proton. That was back when the proton was wide, super stiff, and could last more then a season. By my senior year the Proton had already Evolved and STX introduced the Excalibur which was honestly a great upgrade. However, now there are like 500 new options for great defensive heads it makes picking one out a bit more tricky. stx-proton-u-lacrosse-head__30244.1408566260.1280.1280 Staying loyal to my favorites with STX I've been checking out the latest defensive heads by them and have my eye on the STX Hammer. While checking out the new STX Hammer I couldn't help but think how rugged and durable the head felt in my hands. It almost tempted me to take it outside and hammer it like 500 times against something just to test it out. imgres Well it's safe to say I didn't play that one out but I did end up picking up a new STX Hammer to try out this weekend. I hope all this new technology they have going on can make up for some of the rust on my game. To be determined.

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