Casey Powell Lacrosse 16

One of the more exciting things to hit the lacrosse world is the arrival of the new Lacrosse 16 video game. Unlike previous attempts at a lacrosse video game this version has stepped it up BIG TIME. From the initial beta game footage we can already see a ton of improvements on the now Xbox One and Ps4 supported game. The graphics and gameplay are very similar to FIFA and should create some exciting gameplay. 8PJD1PRL_1456365229847From what we can tell the developers tried to add as many realistic player moves as possible including behind the back shots and realistic checking. The passing and play development is also a huge improvement with easier controls and a much better camera system that allows you to find teammates easily. Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.20.45 PMOff ball play is also a major upgrade. The computers are actually productive when you have control of the ball and will follow cuts and rotations. This makes for a much more exciting offensive possession and making your opponent sweat a little on defense. All in all we are pumped for this release. We've only heard and seen good things so far and really hope the game lives up to the hype. The game has produced a ton of chatter with big companies like East Coast Dyes, Epoch, Throne, and Stylin' Strings sponsoring the game! Excited to give this game a go!

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