Box Lacrosse - Buffalo, NY Part 2

My boy Paul T. is back again to give us a little more insight in his Box Lax world up in Buffalo, NY. Here’s what he sent over to “In my last post I spoke a little bit of field players transitioning over to the box game, and I realized that I might think of myself as a box lacrosse player now, but only two years ago I was making the transition from field lacrosse myself. Before I decided to play box lacrosse I played field for about eight years and the only box lacrosse that I knew of was watching the NLL. I played in one or two box leagues near me and I said to myself, "this is not bad, I can play box." So basically I thought I was awesome (I still do..I’m awesome, trust me) and would have no trouble making the switch. After graduating college I chose to try out for a box lacrosse team. I made the arrangements and the first practice I attended was surprising, as it was already mid-season and the team was looking for more players to finish off the season. I want to remind you all I had my field gear, which included gloves, elbows, and tiny shoulder pads, not really the norm for box lacrosse. Surprisingly the practice went well and included a ton of running, stick drills, shooting drills, and one on one battles. Coach then called 5v5 scrimmaging, and that’s when it hit me (literally). I was surprised because it was constant cross check after cross check one right after another. I tried cutting though the middle and I got laid out every time, needless to say I was in pain after practice and an ice bath was in much need. Unfortunately that team did not like what I was offering at that point, so I went to a different team up in Buffalo. That tryout was as rough as the last and the hitting did not stop. However, this team saw something they liked and they asked me to play for them.
Going into the next practice I wanted to be fully prepared. Upgrading my pads was a definite necessity. I grabbed some rib pads and updated my arm protection so I could be completely ready for all the hits my new teammates were so eager to throw my way. As I learned the game I also realized I need stronger shafts so I can dish out some hits of my own. I decided to go with the new Maverik Xcel Shaft. It’s really strong and pretty light, which is a great combination not only for box but for field lacrosse as well. maverik-xcel-attack-lacrosse-shaft-1 I’m still learning parts of the game, but I am really confidant that with my dedication, I’ll be able to take what is ever thrown my way. Whether it’s a hard check or a tight pass inside, I’ve got it covered. -Paul T.” I know that box is a difficult transition to make, but I know my guy Paul can handle it. Best of luck bud and thanks for the update! IT'S ALL U

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