Top Sellers - The Rabil2x Gold Series, Crux500, ECD Carbon, and #Matterice99

Lacrosse Top Sellers On Black Friday Today was an exciting day with some unexpected Best Sellers. The CRUX500 continues to be a highly sought after item for lady laxers and we saw the most popular color combo staying as the Black on Black. The Rabil2 Gold edition stood out today as well. It probably helped that we have a GREAT deal RUNNING on A Free $90.00 reflect shaft with every head you purchase will help any product to move.The managers in a few of our retail stores all said that a lot of shoppers were excited to take a look at the new packaging, the signed Rabil balls and the crystalline mesh . The Gait Ice shaft on the Matter head strung for $99 has been crushing it all fall, but today, a lot of people realized that this is a really ridiculous deal. The Ice has been around forever and the value of a strung matter for another $10 made some black friday shoppers grab more then one. The BIG question, WHAT HAPPENED WITH HELMETS? We had some early excitement to check out the New Stallion500 by STX in our stores this morning. The sizing and fitting procedure takes a bit of time but it ensures a great fit. Most of our customers took advantage of our HelmetDISCOUNTcard this weekend and they are going to make their helmet decision for the 2015 season when they have more info on the Casacde R situation. We anticipate more info coming out shortly on that topic. As always Rebounders & Goals were flying off the shelves and the New East Coast Stealth shaft was also launched today with some success. This is a great color up on a product that has been very popular these past few months. We're super excited about seeing how well these products stack up this Cyber Monday, and how well they do this season when things get really cooking in the spring! Have a favorite piece of gear?! Let us know and maybe we'll showcase your review!

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