Will the R helmets be legal again? Register your R Helmet.

Will the R helmets be legal again? At Universal Lacrosse our customer is always our highest priority. We know that this helmet situation leaves a lot of confusion an uncertainty. In an effort to keep our customers up to date with the most accurate information we are asking anyone that owns and R helmet that will be looking to figure out the best course of action to Register here. We are still evaluating all solutions and with the help of Cascade Lacrosse we are going to figure out what is best of each customer that registers.
By registering your helmet we will do our best to keep you up to date with the best info and solutions available.
Below is the most up to date info from the manufacturer.
Cascade released the below statement 12/4/2014. UPDATED INFORMATION REGARDING CASCADE R HELMET
NOCSAE is working closely with us as we develop and test a retrofit to the Cascade R helmet and we are confident a solution will be announced in the coming days. Earlier this week, we had sent technicians to NOCSAE’s testing laboratory to test what we believe to be a viable and simple modification to existing helmets to ensure they comply with the NOCSAE standard. We have been informed that if we can demonstrate with statistical probability that this modification will meet the standard, NOCSAE will approve the process. If successful, this modification will result in a new model as defined in NOCSAE standards. We are now working with NOCSAE on the details of that modification, including how it will be rolled out to players and teams currently in possession of the Cascade R helmet. As soon as we have all the details we will immediately communicate the necessary steps to complete the modification. Thank you for your patience and continued commitment to Cascade during this process. We continue to stand behind the Cascade R helmet and believe this modification will address NOCSAE’s concerns and ensure there will be no further interruption to the sport we all love. Thank you Cascade Lacrosse It looks like time will tell.

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