Who is the new kid on the block in the accessory section for this holiday? TRADITREE It’s the Traditree. We saw it the same place you did, when Greg at ECD put out a youtube video on it. The Traditree describes their took as “It is a tool to aid you in stringing a traditional lacrosse pocket in modern field heads. After you string the sidewall, TRADiTREE sits on the back of the head and holds the four leathers in place as you string the traditional pocket. It can be used for most any traditional pockets” We have a bunch of these on the way in to test out. The one thing we are sure of is that there are a lot of ways to ensure a precise well formed pocket when stringing with leathers but we think this product is going to be awesome. If we test this product and like it, we are going to make the use of the TRADITREE a standard practice at Universal Lacrosse. That would mean all of our stringers would use one when cooking up some custom Trad soup for our customers. Although the $15 price tag might seem like a lot for a small piece of plastic we are paying for the solution to a problem. If the traditree takes out all the tension adjusting to leathers in the stringing process then it is well worth it. More info to come on this product. For a FULL review from ECD click here.
TRADITREE How to use the traditree

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