Top Lacrosse Heads for 2017

Here at Universal Lacrosse, we've tested and played with the best lacrosse heads around. With all the options in today's market, finding the right head for you can be a tough task to navigate. We wanted to give players a full guide for the best lacrosse heads of 2017 based on overall performance. To do this we rated and scored each head with the same overall criteria. We understand that there are a ton of great heads out there meant for specific positions, but these are the best heads in general for 2017. If your looking for a head by specific position we have you covered there too. Check out our top 5 best heads by Attack, Middie, LSM and Defense.

Top 5 Best Heads of 2017

Our overall best heads of 2017 are scored and rated by stiffness, face shape, technology, string-ability and popularity. A stiff head is crucial for having consistant and durable play keeping you at your best all season long. The face shape for overall performance needs to be narrow and aggressive for creating the perfect channel with increased hold and ball control. The new technology is especially important with each manufacture developing added performance features each year. With todays elite level of stringing your pocket is everything. Making sure your pocket is keeping ahead with a well designed head is a huge advantage in todays game. lastly, overall popularity speaks for it's self and we take the players opinions just as seriously. Here is our list of the best heads for 2017.

#1- Maverik Kinetik

Maverik's latest and greatest. An ultra light head designed for the outside shooter with an aggressive face shape.



#2- STX Stallion 700

Newest head from the already legendary Stallion line. Loaded with tons of major upgrades, this head is designed for the all around work horse.



#3- ECD Mirage

East Coast Dyes' breakthrough head. Designed for the elite offensive player and loved for its pin point accuracy and extreme string-ability.



#4- Nike CEO

NIke's best-selling classic. One of the most dominant heads for the last 3 years with offensive players for it's powerful accuracy. Also, the most popular head on the market for FOGOS.



#5- Warrior Evo 5

Warrior's versatile offensive head. One of the most iconic head lines ever in lacrosse just got better, offering a stiff lightweight profile with an aggressive face shape and updated scoop.

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So there you have it, the best heads of 2017. If you are looking for position specific heads check out our other head rankings by position below. We tell you what heads should be used for each position and what is so great about them making sure you have all the proper info. Again, keep in mind that these are our recommendations for the best heads of 2017 based on their performance traits and overall popularity.

5 Best Attack HeadsATTACK

5 Best Middie HeadsMIDDIE

5 Best Defense HeadsDEFENSE

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