Introducing Vortex Mesh from East Coast Dyes

Less than a month after the release of their first lacrosse headqc_20161121115542-2, The Mirage, East Coast Dyes (ECD) announced that they will once again be changing the game before the new year. This time with with a new type of performance mesh. Introducing the new Vortex Mesh from East Coast Dyes. Ever since mesh became a more popular option that traditionally strung heads about 20 years ago, it has been virtually untouched in terms of structure since then. ECD is now introducing their HybridWeave concept in the Vortex Mesh which utilizes two different diamond structures in key areas of the mesh to optimize performance. The Vortex Mesh is available in both a semi-hard and semi-soft option. Both incorporate the HybridWeave technology which creates the ultimate SweetSpot in your pocket that provides an unmatched level of feel and ball retention. The LTH Fibers used to construct the mesh itself are extremely lightweight and durable and they are also fully weatherproof. They wont expand and contract in different temperatures and wont bag out in the rain and snow. East Coast Dyes continues to innovate and create new and exciting products. Their newest being the Vortex Mesh, and you guessed it.. It is indeed available at your local Universal Lacrosse location or you can shop online at Universal Lacrosse.

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