Top Holiday 2016 Gift Ideas: Men's Lacrosse

List of best holiday gift options from Universal Lacrosse (alphabetical order):
  • The offical helmet of Major League Lacrosse and the USA men's national lacrosse team. The iconic R design consists of their SuperMono R Shell; a singular piece shell and visor with additional ventilation holes for comfort. Cascade also implemented a combination of the SevenTechnology liner system and PoronXRD Foam for maximum protection against how and low energy impacts. . The R-series face mask utilizes new sight lines for a better unrestricted view for the player and a R-series chin for added support along the jaw line and by the ear... Oh yea, almost forgot to mention.. FREE CUSTOMIZATION.
  • The first lacrosse head from East Coast Dyes is quickly becoming one of the hottest heads on the market today! Made with a high impact grade UV resistant material, the Mirage was designed for stick stringers by stick stringers. The shape of the head itself incorporates an aggressive flare and offers a plethora of stringing holes along the head for ultimate customization.
  • The next big thing in stringing supplies. The ECD Vortex mesh is made with ECD's weatherproof LTH fibers and incorporates a new hybrid weave; it blends two different diamond structures into the same piece of mesh! Hexagonal diamonds along the perimeter of the mesh allows conventional stringing methods while the diamond structure lining the center channel of the mesh offers increased hold and creates a sweet spot in the stick which kind of simulates the old U string.
  • The Tactik is the newest lacrosse head from Maverik Lacrosse! Their level 3 bottom rail is designed specifically for stringing a mid pocket, and Maverik even created a new optimal release point in the shape of the head for even more control and increased hold. Maverik Lacrosse also incorporated their new x-rail technology to more evenly distribute stress from impact all while shaving off some weight; which makes the Tactik, one of the most durable lightweight lacrosse heads on the market.
  • Weighing in at 4.9 ounces, NIke CEO Lacrosse HeadThe Nike CEO lacrosse head is one of the lightest heads we have! It has a lot of flex without being susceptible to warping so it keeps its shape. The narrow pinched scoop makes it aggressive on ground balls while also improving accuracy when throwing. An exceptional choice for any face off middie.
  • The ultimate duffle bag for all your lacrosse gear. Nike Quiver Lacrosse Duffel Bag Made from a super durable polyester material and several layers of protective coating, the Nike Quiver Bag will keep your equipment protected from any type of weather condition. This bag also has customized compartments for your stick and cleats, even an insulated pocket for your beverage of choice.
  • The Mark 2V is the "smarter, sleeker, sexier, better" version of StringKing's original Mark 1 Lacrosse head. The upgraded Mark 2 has 29 stringing holes along the sidewalls for optimal pocket customization. The shape of the head incorporates smooth curves, and an aggressive scoop design make it a ground ball vacuum.
  • All StringKing Metal 2 variations are made from a blend of StringKing METAL 2 Attack Lacrosse Shaftsscandium, titanium, and zinc which gives them one of the best strength to weight ratios on the market. Each variation also comes in various weights to fit each players personal preference. The bead blasted texture of the stick creates a smooth feel for quick hand movement and increased control of the stick.
  • Designed and crafted after the McLaren supercar, The Stallion U 700 head is a revamped version of one of STX's all time fan favorites. This head was made for the offensive player who wants to elev ate his game. Their c-channel tech is used to distribute stress along the sidewall for increased stiffness and durability. STX also utilized their new speed scoop shape in the Stallion U 700, which makes this an aggressive GB machine.
Whether you are shopping for a new player or for someone who's been playing longer than you've been alive... The options listed above are great for any level of experience. Stop by your nearest Universal Lacrosse location or shop online at Universal Lacrosse for all of your holiday 2016 necessities!

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