Top Lacrosse Gloves of 2018

Top Lacrosse Gloves of 2018

It's important to protect your hands! So we bring you our Top Lacrosse Gloves of 2018 to make sure you get the best gloves possible for your season. We are taking a look all the best gloves and rating them on their mobility, comfort, and protection. There has been many new gloves released this year so the options can be overwhelming. This list will help you take a wide angle view on all of your options and pick the best pair for you. All of these gloves have their own positives so only you can make the final decision. Here is our list for the Top Lacrosse Gloves of 2018.

#1 - Maverik M4

The Maverik M4 is the #1 custom glove in lacrosse but that's not what puts it on top. The M4 is designed classic fit to allow more room for your fingers and back of the hands. To go along with the extra room, Maverik has added FlowCool venting technology to provide airflow and allow heat to disperse quickly. The Maverik M4 gloves also have a combination of Ax Suede and Inhaler mesh palms. This give you enhanced feel with the peace of mind knowing the palms of your gloves will last multiple seasons. For a liner, Maverik put a 37.5 technology in the M4's, this liner creates faster sweat evaporation times inside the gloves. Like most of Maverik's gloves the M4's have a Sharkgel padding in the thumb for added protection and increased dexterity and mobility. Maverik M4 Shop-Now

#2 - STX Cell 4

The STX Cell 4 gloves are the next edition in the Cell line and they certainly do not disappoint. The Cell line has always been some of the most comfortable and flexible pieces of equipment in the game, and you can expect that level of comfort, flexible and protection in the Cell 4 gloves. The STX Cell 4 gloves have GeoFlex II protection along the back of hand and thumb maximizing protecting while keeping them super comfortable. STX has added a new Flared cuff system to the Cell 4's giving you more range of motion and increased mobility. The palm's of the Cell 4 gloves are AX suede for unmatched feel an a vent for increased moisture management and durability. STX Cell 4 Shop-Now

#3 - Nike Vapor Elite 2018

If you are looking for a low profile glove with maximum protection then the Nike Vapor Elite glove is for you. The Vapor Elite glove have AX suede palms with gripper print for incredible feel and grip. Nike has added new ventilation to keep the Vapor Elite's cool and comfortable. The Nike Vapor Elite's have a low profile cuff that increases mobility with no loss of protection. Nike has precisely shaped padding allowing an increase in flexibility and protection. These gloves are perfect for player looking to play fast. Nike Vapor Elite Shop-Now

#4 - STX Surgeon 500

You don't need to be a doctor to rock the STX Surgeon 500 gloves. With an AX suede palm and seamless design techniques the STX Surgeon 500 gloves have elite feel and control. The Surgeon 500 gloves offer Climate Control on the back of the hand, this keeps you hands cool in the heat and a spot to place a heat pack for the cold days. STX reinforced the thumb blocks with carbon-fiber and added compression pads for more protection while one-handed cradling. To top it off, the STX Surgeon 500 gloves have ISO Thumb Technology for natural feel and 360 rotation. STX Surgeon 500Shop-Now

#5 - Warrior Burn Pro 2018

Warrior Burn Pro gloves are the top of the line for protection and comfort. The Burn Pro's have TotalFLX+ technology providing maximum mobility and wrist rotation in the cuff. Warrior put Impax LT foam in the back of the hand to add protection while reducing weight. The Warrior Burn Pro gloves have an Authentic Palm Pro+, this is Warrior's simplest palm construction and provides unbelievable comfort and feel. If a lower profile glove is what you seek the Burn Pro's have LowPro construction which has a 16.7% lower profiles and sacrifices no loss of protection. To keep your hands cool Warrior has put in a Truvent system allowing for the most ventilation, and optimal protection. Warrior BURN proShop-Now

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