The STX Hammer 500 Has Arrived

For anyone that has been wondering about all the teasers on STX's social accounts pointing towards a new head, wonder no more. STX has just announced the launch of their new Hammer 500 and we couldn't be more excited. The Hammer head by STX has been a favorite among defensemen for years. Hammer Thumb-01 Its wild popularity comes from its phenomenal design and complete dedication to being a defensive animal. Some key features to look out for in the Hammer 500 will be the iconic three-sidewall brace design, C-channel technology, and new Speed Scoop technology. scoop The three-sidewall brace design was a major part of the Hammer's successful appeal to defensemen. This design created a super stiff and rugged head great for laying down heavy checks and fighting through groundballs. We can expect to see a refined three-sidewall brace for the new Hammer 500. STX_Detail_M_Heads_Hammer500_11736 The Hammer 500 will also include increased durability through STX's popular C-Channel technology. stress and impacts on the sidewall are distributed throughout the head through C-Channel technology making these heads last forever rather then cracking or breaking. For the first time we will now see STX's new Speed Scoop technology with the Hammer 500. Speed Scoop technology was developed to reduce drag when scooping for ground balls. Defensive lacrosse heads are typically wider and therefore create more drag when scooping making ground balls more difficult. Most of the drag is created through the top string holes or strings themselves. Speed Scoop technology eliminates this by covering top string holes and strings allowing for quick scoops. This should be another slam dunk for the STX crew. With the Hammer already so popular amongst defensemen there is no question that the Hammer 500 will be a huge hit.

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