Custom Nike Pro 3/4 Compression Shorts

Who likes custom apparel? Everyone does, thats who. Well now you can add some more custom apparel to your game day or practice uniforms. We are excited to bring to you custom Nike Pro 3/4 compression shorts, with 3 decal options (more to come) and individual player numbers. We believe this to be the next evolution in compression shorts. The 3/4 compression shorts were a game changer that we saw sweep the lacrosse community like wild fire. The custom 3/4 compression shorts will be the next big change in the world of compression shorts. Custom 3-4 v2-01 Its a pretty simple twist but we think it makes a big impression on game day. We offer 3 options for the left leg decal to spice up your game. Pick from either an American flag, Irish clover, or Universal hero logo as a decal for the bottom side of your right leg. This is just the beginning though, tons of more decals to come for these. The american flag is as clean as they come and chances are you already have one somewhere on your uniform to match. LEFT-LEG-V-FINAL Make it your own on the left leg by adding your game number on the bottom side of the compression shorts. As long as your number is between 0-99 your good to go. This is a small touch that will pull your while uniform together and make it completely yours. RIGHT-leg-v-final We think you guys are going to like these. Each one is going to be made to order right here at Universal Lacrosse HQ. Make sure to grab your custom Nike Pro 3/4 compression shorts and stand out on game day.

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