The New Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Head

Heads up, something new from Warrior (yes, pun intended)! An exciting and innovative release from the guys over at @warriorlax, the Regulator head, has got me eager to test one out. regwhite4!! The Regulator is awesome because it brings some new technology to the table—LOC-Throat. This patent pending innovation aims to put an end to shaky and rattling lacrosse heads and also increases stability of the stick. regwhite2!! As you put the screw through the head and into the shaft, it expands the legs of the LOC-Throat. This gives internal and external pressure to secure the head snug to the shaft. Check it out: IMG_3779 The LOC-Throat is not all that the Warrior Regulator offers. This head incorporates Sym-Rail technology that trims the excess weight and provides an increased stiffness. In addition, Warrior designed the Regulator with a mid-high sidewall transition, which makes for easy higher pocket stringing. regwhite1!! The Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Head will get most attention from middies and defensemen because of its versatility, stiffness, and security. No longer will a long pole’s head rattle while throwing a check, nor will a midfielder’s shot feel weird with a loose head. The Regulator puts an end to these nuisances. > > > IT'S ALL U < < <

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