NEW Maverik Caliber Defensive Shaft

The Maverik Caliber is Maverik's latest advancement in defensive shaft technology. This MONSTER of a stick will hit the field in this upcoming season and it will make some BIG impacts! caliber The Caliber is one of the lightest defensive shafts available but also one of the strongest! Made with Scandium and Titanium alloys, this handle is incredibly light but strong enough to deal out some serious checks.
Black Black
Maverik's Signature shaft shape combined with a Mild Beat Blasted Finish gives you superior feel and control of your stick giving you the advantage on clears, ground balls, and long passes.
Gunmetal Gunmetal
The New Maverik Adjustable Butt-End makes another appearance on the Caliber allowing you to customize where exactly you like your end cap. This small feature adds a whole new level of control to your stick.
Silver Silver
The Maverik Caliber is designed to lockdown any offensive player! With this power in your hands you will always have the advantage in any defensive situation! Head to to check it out and pick one up for yourself! IT'S ALL U

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