NEW Brine Triumph III Shoulder Pad

Brine Lacrosse is always pushing the limits with new gear with new and improved tech each year. This year one of their many new releases is the NEW Brine Triumph III Shoulder Pad.
Front View Front View
A combination of Aeroshield and Skylight tech make these shoulder pads one of the most mobile and comfortable pads ever made. The Aeroshield Foam and Skylight cap inserts give the player maximum impact protection in the sternum and shoulder areas. With adjustable shoulder and bicep pads, the player can fully customize the fit and level of protection of this pad.
Easily adjustable Bicep Pad Easily adjustable Bicep Pad
The Triumph III SP has articulating chest plate slides in both the interior and exterior allow for full coverage while allowing for a full range of mobility. An elongated design for this shoulder pad gives you more protection down the back of the player as well. Also having an improved Simple-strap system the Brine Triumph III Shoulder Pad has one of the best fits out there.
Back View Back View
The Brine Triumph III SP has an advanced moisture-wicking liner that gives the player a nice dry feel no matter what the weather conditions. With a sleek new design the Brine Triumph III SP is one of the cleanest shoulder pads that I have ever seen. Normally when it comes to shoulder padding the looks of the pad doesn't really matter since they usually go under a jersey or reversible. With the Triumph III SP it doesn't matter if anyone else sees them because you know how sweet they look. I bet that these awesome pads will be worn by many different players this season. Lightweight, protective, mobile, and just simply fresh looking gives the New Brine Triumph III SP a major advantage over any other pad! COMING SOON TO UNIVERSALLACROSSE.COM IT'S ALL U

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