The NEW STX Duel Lacrosse Head and Shaft

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.29.15 PM The STX Duel Head and Shaft is the first combination of its kind made specifically for the needs of the faceoff player. Although there are exceptions, most people who faceoff only faceoff. It only makes sense that your head and shaft both be designed with your primary goal on the field in mind. duelgrey3_ STX Duel U There are several small but important innovations here from STX for the faceoff player. STX’s patent pending technology on the throat of the head allows you to get closer to the ball. Every faceoff player knows that if you manage to get your hand on your head without the referee seeing you will have extra speed and strength. This technology gives you this advantage without having to bend the rules! There are also specific flex zones made into the head. The STX Duel head will bend but not break right where you need it. The Duel includes STX’s Scalloped Scoop technology that flattens your head to assist with groundballs. The list of features continues with the third screw hole through throat plug that is made to work with the Duel handle and ensures that there is no shaft rattle! Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.27.42 PM STX Duel SC Shaft The STX Duel SC shaft is made of scandium alloy and includes their new Clamp profile which is concave octagon with pronounced corners, giving you a better feel on your stick and ultimately better performance for face-offs. At the top of the shaft there is a targeting grip that supplies better top-hand control. If you can grip your stick better at the top, you will be more powerful and accurate with maneuvering it to win that crucial face-off! duelscblack_ Although I have never been a strictly face-off guy, reading about and observing the technology on the STX Duel head and Duel SC shaft has convinced me there is no other way to face-off. Pre Order this head and shaft today at Universal Lacrosse to be a part of this revolutionary step from STX for the face-off player.

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